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Mass Tort Strategies transcends traditional intake outsourcing. Our services are engineered to give your firm a distinct edge in a market where conversion rates are pivotal. Regardless of your firm's area of expertise, we specialize in tailoring intake, lead follow-up, and intake services to your needs. This allows you to concentrate on your core mission: achieving legal victories for your clients.

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Our expertise is adaptable to any legal specialization. Mass Tort Strategies expertly crafts bespoke intake, lead follow-up, and intake services, liberating you to focus on your primary goal – securing legal triumphs for your clients.
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Mass Torts

Our team excels in gathering critical data essential for mass tort cases, ensuring your firm is prepared to represent new clients immediately. Recognizing the uniqueness of each plaintiff in a mass tort case, our professionals are adept at empathetic engagement and clarifying complex concepts. This approach establishes trust and fosters information exchange, pivotal to the success of both your firm and your clients. We meticulously collect vital information for mass tort cases, ensuring the safety of your clients' sensitive data and maintaining your firm's esteemed reputation.

Class Action Cases

At Mass Tort Strategies, we treat each client as an individual, not just a member of a group. We offer personalized, empathetic interactions on behalf of your firm, catering to potential class action clients in their quest for legal assistance. Our specialists are committed to respecting and attentively addressing each new client’s unique concerns, building trust and confidence in their decision to choose your firm.

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We generate the highest quality mass tort cases for law firms

Mass Arbitration

Supporting your mass arbitration campaigns, we focus on maximizing your ROI by preventing lead loss. Our experts are proficient in rapidly converting leads into intakes, a crucial factor in these campaigns. We manage the entire client journey, from initial contact to signed intake, excelling in converting leads swiftly and effectively. Even in cases where immediate conversion isn't possible, our lead retention program guarantees persistent engagement until client commitment.

Personal Injury Cases

Outsourcing personal injury intake can be challenging, but Mass Tort Strategies is equipped to ensure your firm capitalizes on every opportunity. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each personal injury lead, our specialists gather comprehensive information to maximize your conversion rates. We aid in qualifying leads and securing signed intakes across various personal injury scenarios, including vehicular accidents, rideshare incidents, animal attacks, workplace accidents, slip and fall cases, birth injuries, medical malpractice, elder abuse, and nursing home malpractice.
Our goal is to become an industry leader in this space by generating quality inquiries at great prices and to have our clients see us as a partner rather than a vendor. Join Our Nationwide Network of Attorneys.
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