Talcum Powder Lawsuit Information

Talcum Powder Uses

Talcum baby powder is manufactured from talc, a naturally occurring mineral that contains magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. When talc is crushed, it becomes a fine, white powder that is sold as talcum. Talcum powder has been used for a variety of medical and sanitary uses, including absorbing moisture and preventing rashes. Talcum powder is also used in many cosmetic products, as well as for the coating and lubrication of rubber and other commercial and industrial products.

Talcum Powder Side Effects

The American Cancer Society, the World Health Organization, and other health agencies have raised concerns that the use of baby powder and body powder products for feminine hygiene containing talcum may place women at an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. When talcum powder products are used in the vaginal area, they can travel through the Fallopian tubes to the ovaries, causing irritation that could lead to ovarian cancer. Some health experts have estimated that about 10% of ovarian cancer cases and deaths from the disease in the U.S. are caused by talcum powder products. Evidence has shown that the manufacturers of talcum powder products have known about the health risks of using talcum powder for decades. Yet despite this information, Johnson & Johnson and other companies who manufacture talcum baby powder have failed to warn consumers about the potential cancer risks they may face from using these products.

What are my options as a user of Talcum Powder?

If you or a loved one has experienced a side effect as a result of the use of Talcum powder you may be entitled to compensation. There are typically time limits that affected consumers have to file a claim, and there’s no cost to see if you’re one of the thousands of people eligible to participate.

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